March 23, 2021

Things to know before buying luxury flats in Dhaka

The meaning of luxury is very elaborate, in a way that it evokes different senses in different people. It might be that a person experiences luxury in owning a house, or having freedom to travel or just being able to afford a meal a day. When it comes to defining what luxury is for one, it titillates the senses with various things. Although individuals might hold distinctive views of this, however, the true meaning of it remains the same. Luxury is simply anything that one finds peace in.

Speaking in context of the real estate industry, luxury has a very constricted meaning. A few key features define this term, offering optimum value and peace. Considering the scenario in Bangladesh, particularly the capital city, the desire and need for a luxurious life is on the rise. As the economy is progressing, more and more people are looking to invest in luxury flats in Dhaka. However, investment in these areas is huge, and as much as it might be exciting, it is equally as intimidating. Therefore, knowing the elements and characteristics of a luxury apartment is imperative before making an investment.

Few of the very fine elements reverberate opulence and offer utmost comfort that incarnates upscale living. Identifying these exact elements and analyzing their worth, that is, the value they would offer is pivotal for a long-term investment plan. Below are listed some fundamental components which make up a luxurious flat that would offer you distinguished services and superior value for your money.

Features that define a luxury flat

Location and Neighbourhood

Location is the most important factor while considering to buy or rent a luxury flat in Dhaka. With the increase in urbanization and rigorous development activities going on in the city, finding a place with a tranquil, scenic environment yet having all of life’s essentials at one place might be quite difficult. Additionally, privacy is another aspect that has substantial importance. Finding all these can be a little overwhelming but definitely not unattainable. Some of the locations considered prime spots in the city for providing an enhanced sense of comfort living area, North Gulshan, Gulshan Avenue, Banani, Dhanmondi.

Neighbourhood is another facet which should be taken into consideration while making the final decision. Socio-economic factors in such a place have a significant role to play. Individuals living in a neighbourhood are greatly involved in shaping the culture and environment of that place. Therefore, examining the neighbourhood and people residing in it is essential while considering to invest in luxury flats in Dhaka.

Exterior Facade

Design that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye ignites a subtle feel of elegance and grandeur. One of the most effortless ways to highlight the beauty of an enclave is through the incorporation of greenery and nature. Having an open space accommodated with a small garden area around the building does wonders in uplifting the overall outlook of it. Luxury flats that are supported by landscaped gardens and open areas connotes upscale living.
To bring in the natural splendour and elevate the appearance of the abode, central window facade and open shutters are a contributing factors. Contemporary design with ceiling high glass windows and landscaped shutters complement the view of luxury living. Modern day luxury apartments in Dhaka maintain a soothing, muted color palette. The exterior is painted with off-whites, whites and pastel yellows and greys to not only enhance the outlook of the building, but to save energy costs as well since light colors reflect more sunlight. Moreover, the exteriors nowadays are sculpted with corrugated metals, steels, plaster and concrete as a supplement of unconventional modern-day design.

Spacious Development

Although in the past, incorporating as many elements into a space might have had the notion of aestheticism, however, with time, that has changed. In recent years, wide empty spaces and minimalistic design are more appealing, offering enough room to absorb the beauty of each of the elements.

Spacious arrangements also allow the size of the apartments to be magnified and gives it the feel of elegance and sophistication. Additionally, with large open spaces, more light and air is introduced, which upends the monotony of the congested design approach. Therefore, luxury flats that inhibit this feature truly advance the essence of comfortable lifestyle.


A major part of any house hunting calls for the inclusion of security surveillance services. Without a proper security system, no home will conform to individual luxury housing needs.

Privacy is another aspect which establishes the need for the installation of CCTVs and other security devices. Accounting for the various problems of the external environment, a well secured neighbourhood and niche populace is a need of utmost importance. Hence, privacy and security should be two of the primary outlooks while planning to buy luxury flats in Dhaka. Apartments with superior security features evade the essence of lavish and privileged lifestyle.

Materials and Fittings

Any bespoke residence is incomplete without top-notch quality materials and fittings. The perfect harmonization of simplistic style and maximum performance is not fulfilled without the incorporation of luxury brands. Not only is the functionality taken into account in such a case, but the contemporary design that ties the entire look of grandeur and opulence resemblance. Offering a source of unparalleled quality and timeless beauty, branded fittings accentuate the appearance of modern day luxury flats.

Among the various brands that define luxury, comfort as well as aesthetic appeals are brands like Kohler, Grohe, Bosch, Whirlpool, Smeg, Duravit and many others. Local brands also contribute a substantial amount in enhancing the functionality as well as the entire view of a luxury enclave. Conforming to promised quality of materials and fittings is a huge deal maker or breaker while buying or renting luxury flats in Dhaka, therefore, alongside the many components that should be considered while making such huge investments, speculating the adornments of a home, that is the sanitary wares, kitchen wares are pivotal.

Top-notch Facilities

Enclaves that distinguish themselves through the provision of contemporary and cutting-edge facilities confine the senses with lavish appeal. Gracing the elegance of the exterior facade, the luxury features and amenities like gyms, swimming pools and jacuzzis all harmonize the aesthetic and opulent appearance.

Upscale facilities like an indoor gym with state of the art equipment, mood sensor lights, swimming pools, in-house elevators, jacuzzis preserve the view of splendour. Duplex apartments, as well as flats and condos accommodating such premium amenities beautifully articulate the contemporary architecture. These are some of the very key aspects that individuals give importance to while making luxury investments.

Interior Design

What does one perceive as a luxury in an enclave, apart from the top-notch facilities? Grand entrances, intricate ceiling and floor details, rooftop settings, panoramic views, ceiling high doorways are all that people see while planning to buy luxury apartments in Dhaka. Interior designing is a vital facet of the entire architectural designing and planning process. Using subtle elements of nature and invigorating the gated environment with muted color palette and minimalist furnitures brings out the privileged feel.

Interior design does not abide by a common standard but varies from person to person. However, what stays static is the dynamic design approach and the utilization of the organic design mindset. Regardless of the differentiating taste in interior arrangements; grand entranceways, elegant reception and lobby areas, recreational facilities like swimming pools and open fields and other amenities is what pervades luxury quintessence. Additionally, apartments with gym are an extensively sought after feature for many reflecting optimal comfort and upscale living.

Are all these features sufficient to evaluate a luxury flat?

In the pursuit of a privileged lifestyle and to create a sanctuary of relaxed glamour pervading all elements of extraordinary, we go through a prolonged process of money accumulation. While making such crucial and huge decisions and investments, it is important to take into account the return on them. Therefore, identifying and analyzing the aforementioned features as well as some additions like the buying process, structural layout and other developmental particulars are of substantial importance.

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