July 28, 2021

Five ways to bring innovation into your next luxury apartment in Dhaka

Innovation has been the booming word for the last two decades. In Bangladesh, with the new Digital Bangladesh objectives in place, innovation has been the driving force to establish those set of goals into reality.  With the widespread use of the internet in the country, no one is falling behind with classical ideas. Bangladesh is not lacking behind in terms of following trends which are circulating globally thanks to the access to millions of ideas over the internet.

Luxury real estate property developers in Dhaka, are not the ones to be last in line for innovation. Opulent developers like Ventura, train themselves to be adaptive to modern trends and are continuously heading one step ahead of their competitors in terms of innovation. 

Innovation is visible in their contemporary designed luxury apartments in Dhaka. Some of the key innovative designs that make Ventura distinctive in their designs and sets them apart from the competition are its environment-friendly screen facades that bring in the right amount of sunlight giving a balance of natural light with the right amount of brightness. This sustainable and creative feature is seen in a few of their luxury apartments. Another key signature feature is the incorporation of amenities such as private swimming pools and gyms. These integrations of amenities are not just tossed into the design but embedded in such style which is even rarely seen in top architecturally designed buildings around the world.  

Creativity does not spark up all by itself without a light to fire it up. The light is the inspiration. Famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci got his motivation for his flying machine from birds. 

The affluent society in Dhaka now mostly consists of millennials who are fascinated by the modern aesthetics of global infrastructures and are technology-driven. Combining these two factors along with the major trends influencing the growth of luxury apartments in Dhaka is the driving force for luxury real estate property developers to deliver progressive structures.

Ideas on how to infuse innovation into your next luxury apartment in Dhaka 

With rising demand, the luxury residential property market in Dhaka is set to expand in the coming years, providing favorable returns on investment. In every way, the introduction of new technologies has enhanced our lives. These technologies are also playing a crucial role in altering the real estate landscape, particularly in the diplomat sector. 

Today's luxury real estate market reflects extravagance by offering a high level of living and top-of-the-line amenities, as well as cutting-edge smart technologies and engineering concepts for optimal end-user satisfaction. 

Environment - Friendly Apartments 

When people buy a new home, they buy it for the future. To make their dream home future-friendly, many opulent homeowners, mainly the millennials, are willing to spend and integrate the use of efficient energy into their luxury flats in Dhaka to earn the Green Badge in society. 

 It has now become an industry standard to protect the environment, thanks to the advent of green building concepts. Energy-saving technology is also being installed in modern apartments.

Building an environment-friendly apartment in the capital demands thorough planning and attention to detail. A whole-house systems solution aids homeowners, architects, and designers in establishing efficient home energy-saving strategies.

Keeping those strategies in mind, sustainable structures have grown popular among luxury apartments in Dhaka built by prominent real estate developers like Ventura. The apartments built with ecological materials attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of heat and power a homeowner consumes by utilizing several natural resources such as light and wind. 

The below list shows how Ventura is building environmentally friendly luxury apartments in Dhaka: 

Ventura Artista is one such luxury apartment in Dhaka which incorporates environment-responsive screen facades. These screen facades help to keep severe temperatures outside while keeping temperatures inside at a comfortable level. 

Ventura Cassiopeia in Dhanmondi is another "green" luxury apartment that encompasses kinetic facades. A kinetic façade allows movement on a building's surface by changing dynamically rather than being static or fixed. 
The facades help to render a skin-like articulation effect, as described by architect Buckminster Fuller and are an extension of the idea that a building's exterior is an active system rather than just a container.
Light, air, and energy all are being managed with the kinetic façade. They can help to change the interior environment by reducing the sun’s heat while also allowing fresh air into the structure.
The deluxe apartment also includes a natural green outdoor play area for children.  Roof Gardens are also another special addition to most of the Ventura lavish apartments along with their unique environment-friendly design. 

The above combinations of individual green structures are what make up a green building system which Ventura harmoniously features into their contemporary designs.

Health-Conscious Amenities

Real estate property developers in the luxury residential industry are progressively considering health and wellness. Diplomat residents and the Millenials of Dhaka are becoming more health-conscious now than ever after the pandemic hit worldwide. 

The homeowners now value a new suite of health and wellbeing amenities, including air filtration with screen facades, abundant plants, and natural light, as well as central staircases full of light and greenery designed to promote physical activity and communal eating areas such as rooftop Barbeque spot, rooftop gardens, etc.  to encourage greater social cohesion among family members

luxury apartment with a gym and a private swimming pool are the most requested features among the opulent. New trends that go beyond fitness have emerged as a result of the changing circumstances.

Even when the circumstances were normal, having an attached gym or a private pool meant the peak of comfortable living. Especially after a long day of work, without having the energy to hit the gym nearby, one can easily visit the gym a few floors away from the flat, or even diving into the pool seems refreshing after a stressful day.

Now that the world has adapted itself into a new normal and people are leading their lives from the comfort of their homes, having these amenities ensures that the basic requirements of staying fit are maintained regularly. 

The benefits of an apartment having a private pool or a gym consist of retaining hygiene and social distance during the lockdowns. Moreover, there might be individuals who are not comfortable enough to exercise or swim among other people, they can uphold physical activities privately. 

In saying that, establishing creative ways in which amenities that encourage the residents to get involved in physical activities are being implemented,  is another way of making the luxury apartment innovative. Here is how Ventura is instituting them in their luxury apartments:

Ventura North Star, the architects, and developers of the luxury apartment in Dhaka are striving to transform conventional outdoor spaces found in single-family luxury residences into exquisite residential high-rises. Private infinity pools have been integrated on the balcony of some of the special floors of the luxury apartment utilizing advances in engineering and modern design, as well as applying lightweight materials and waterproofing technologies making it a true epitome of modern real estate innovation. 
The deluxe building even has a community hall that includes a gymnasium to complete the whole package of sumptuosity in one go. 

Ventura Sky Valley in the diplomat area of Gulshan also accommodates a swimming pool with a deck on the ground floor of the building which stretches outdoors into a glass boundary that envisions the infinity. The outer part of the swimming pool acts as an addition to the modern art design of the building.  It also has a community hall and an attached gymnasium open to the residents and an urban garden with a children 's playground.  All the features merge to make the luxury apartment a paradigm of innovation. 

Foreign-inspired design

The new homeowners in our country, the millennials, and the Haute- mondes have been traveling around the world for businesses, leisure or studies, etc., and hence bringing back their contemporary ideas and are seeking to incorporate the trends and styles they see in other countries into their magnificent dwelling.

Not only for Bangladeshi consumers but also high-net-worth individuals and non-resident Bangladeshis, renowned real estate property developers in Dhaka are increasingly delivering projects that exceed worldwide demands. Another reason for the unmet demand is Bangladesh's ultra-luxury real estate market's long-term investment and commercial potential.

To provide those homeowners the freedom to integrate their innovation into their new homes, luxury real estate property developers like Ventura allow the owners to customize their new abode. 

Having the ability to be present from the beginning of the building project lets the owners custom build their abodes with the right floor plan they desire, establish exclusive finishes with premium materials, make their flat energy-efficient, and can also use advanced technology to create a smart home. 

Incorporate areas like Gulshan, Banani, and Baridhara, which are home to some of the most valuable commercial and residential real estate in the country, the unequaled infrastructure, hassle-free service, and sumptuous experience are gaining traction.

The home is the owner's masterpiece in which the owner can input ideas acquired while traveling the world. Therefore, custom-designing their luxury apartments in Dhaka requires the right resources which are of high quality and can guarantee longevity.
Source: Pexels

Smartly - secured system

Living in a luxury apartment means not only living in comfort but also living in total security. The inhabitants of a luxury property should be safe from any type of criminal incursion and it is this ensurity that most diplomats seek in a luxury apartment in Dhaka

Simultaneously, they do not anticipate having to install security grills over their windows or front door, since this would utterly detract from the attractiveness of their lavish homes. The residents expect to be able to rest certain that their family and property are safe in every way. A true luxury project has the best security, both in terms of actual employees and the most up-to-date electronic monitoring and surveillance.

CCTV cameras, a direct line intercom to contact security personnel, fire safety devices such as fire extinguishers and sprinklers as well as smoke detectors can be placed inside the flats to ensure safety. 

Innovative technologies such as video door monitoring, motion sensors, gas leakage detection, intrusion sensors, curtain sensors, fire detection, and control are some of the features that ensure the occupants' safety even further in their luxury abode and are opportunities to introduce innovative technologies to further increase security measures. 

Almost all of the building projects of Ventura have CCTV Cameras and professionally trained security guards to ensure the full safety of their occupants.
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Smart - Technology Integration

The word technology and innovation gets automatically interlinked in our minds, however, innovation can be implemented without technology with the right idea and utilizing sustainable resources. However, with the advancement of technology and more people in Bangladesh getting connected to the internet and using smart technology, technological advancement can be projected to be of the highest rate. 

According to a report in, the tri-state opulent area of Gulshan, Banani, and Baridhara already has a high potential of getting converted into a single Smart City with interconnected infrastructures all in one cloud. This can ensure a continuous supply of electricity, water, and other resources in the area. 

With that as a possibility, if your next luxury apartment is situated in that area and is equipped with smart technology itself then there are plenty of new possibilities to integrate innovation into your home. 

Other than that, smart homes are becoming very popular globally in modern luxury infrastructures. The same thing can be implemented in your next luxury apartment in Dhaka utilizing the right smart devices. 

Residents' lives are considerably improved by smart home automation, which connects and controls practically every aspect of their houses, including lighting, climate control, and security. Using the power of IoT, voice-first technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Smart Meters.

For example, curtains, windows, doors, and even garage doors can be controlled remotely with the push of a button or by using a smartphone that is connected to the internet. Smart Home Entertainment solutions are arguably the most widely utilized technologies in many households today. Smart home appliance developers have been able to add high functionality at every stage, such as warning homeowners about expired food products and ice build-up in freezers, automatic plant-watering systems, and more.

Final Words

The five ways shown above are only a few of the many more ways to bring innovation into a luxury apartment. Leading real estate development businesses, such as Ventura, have successfully redefined the standard and aesthetics of real estate property developers in Dhaka by tailoring design and architectural formation to consumer needs. In the pursuit of a better quality of life for all, Ventura Properties Limited has been one of the industry's leading players in the creation of luxury abodes.