October 05, 2021

Why should you prefer a duplex apartment in Dhaka?

A duplex apartment is defined as a two-story flat usually taking up a dedicated section of a high-rise building. This kind of luxury flats in Dhaka can offer an ideal luxury lifestyle for many people. It provides excellent amenities, a high standard of living, and the assurance of being in a safe, secure environment. 
This concept is a newly emerging trend in Dhaka. This popularity is due to the need for more living space, especially for families with kids. In these changing times, having a space to unwind is a priority among many affluent families. Besides the extra space and security, living in a duplex apartment gives you the ability to customize the home to your needs. 
In previous times, duplex houses were more common. When more people were moving into Dhaka, apartments were taking over the traditional villa-style houses to accommodate more people in the city. Thus, the prosperous community of Dhaka is looking into luxurious duplex apartments to get the taste of both the villas and apartments with high amenities all in one place. 

Why do people in Dhaka prefer duplex apartments?

The simplicity of the construction of a duplex apartment in Dhaka may surprise you. People prefer duplex apartments because of the choice of two different areas. Duplex apartments are the final frontier of residential living. The perfect blend of urban and suburban, there is no need to compromise.
It's not surprising that duplex apartments are becoming more and more popular as people want to enjoy the benefits of both urban and suburban life. Urban living offers a plethora of entertainment options, culture, social interactions, and a sense of community. Suburban living offers a bit more space and a quieter lifestyle that many find desirable.
A duplex gives the best aspects from each type of living arrangement without any downside or tradeoff. The residents will have all the benefits from an open floor plan with an urban lifestyle without being too close for comfort from the neighbors. With the open floor plan, the residents have the choice to build it with their own design and ideas. It is now becoming the trend of the future especially for millennials who prefer building their own duplex apartment in Dhaka

Features that make up a luxurious duplex apartment in Dhaka: 

Many luxury apartments in Dhaka are now built with unique characteristics that make your ideal apartment stand out. Top Real Estate Developers in Dhaka, like Ventura Properties, offers lavish duplex residences meticulously created with individual elements and amenities for luxury flats. Apart from opulent amenities and large open spaces, they carefully maintain the inside facilities.

The premium duplex apartments have unique elements that make them stand out. These luxury flats for sale in Dhaka are distinctive for the purchasers, whether because of the environmentally friendly surroundings or because of the modern construction.

The features that make the luxurious duplex apartment stand out are: 

Interior Design

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With access to the internet and affluent families frequently traveling overseas for business or vacation, the spread of contemporary and unique ideas for interior decoration is becoming prevalent among the high-end flats in Dhaka.

People traveling overseas come back with their inspirations in mind and implement those in their homes to make their abode stand out from the rest. Hence interior design plays a significant role in giving a touch of luxury in the apartment. This also acts as an added social value in the community and groups the aristocrats belong to. 

The kitchen and dining area

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The kitchen and dining area of the apartment is an essential part of the home because it serves as a place to cook food and gather with family and friends. It needs to be both functional and visually appealing. Therefore, these spaces must be designed well.

The kitchen should be equipped with modern high-end ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, stovetops, etc., while the dining area should have a large table that seats at least six people comfortably. There should also be enough storage space in these areas so that people can store their valuable belongings.

People of affluence usually like to use marble for their kitchen tops and other surfaces. Sinks are more commonly made with granite, marble, or even quartz to add aesthetic appeal. 

Living room and TV room

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The living room and TV room are two of the most critical sections in a luxury apartment. When it comes to the living room, it is the most public section in the house. People come together to enjoy their favorite pastime activities like watching TV, reading books, chatting with friends, etc. Also, the living room is the place where you have your most intimate moments with your family.

The TV room is quite different from the living room because it’s a private section and has more space for relaxation and entertainment. The TV room is often our favorite place to relax after a long day. A luxurious TV room needs to be big enough for people to move around and sit on sofas or armchairs freely. It requires adequate space for large TVs and entertainment systems as well as comfortable seating arrangements.

With enough space, millennials even prefer a home theatre simultaneously with a TV room so that they can enjoy a private movie session with friends and family. This is mainly a much-needed feature of a luxury duplex apartment in the changing times when going out to the movies is not the best choice. 

Bedrooms and bathrooms 

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If you are looking for the best duplex apartment in Dhaka, it is vital to know the importance of bedrooms in an apartment. Bedrooms not just serve the purpose of providing a place to sleep but also provide privacy, allows for more storage space, and can also be used as an office or entertainment room.  A bedroom can also be used as a guest room for when family members or friends visit you in your apartment.

The luxury bedroom is a space that needs to be made as cozy as possible. This is because it is the most private and intimate space in the home. It is also one of the most expensive rooms to decorate because of its size and potential complexity. 

As for bathrooms, which are places to refresh, relax, and rejuvenate, it deserves to be beautiful and luxurious. A great way to transform your bathroom into a luxury space is by installing marble floors, giving it mosaic tiling at the back, ceiling with chandeliers, and so on. Many other features can make the bathroom luxurious, including basins with faucets made out of gold or silver. The key is to incorporate elements that are both practical and luxurious.


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A duplex apartment is not a standard size. It is a combination of two units. They usually have a living area and a bedroom on the other side, with the kitchen and bathroom in between. This type of apartment can be found in some buildings as an alternative to separate single flats. Duplex apartments give the owner more space to be flexible in terms of designing or just to improve the quality of life. The size of an apartment gives the owners the freedom to be creative and hence it plays an important role in adding a touch of luxury into the apartment. 

High-end Amenities

Luxury duplex apartments often have features such as high-end appliances, large windows or outdoor space, high ceilings, and finishes that make them more appealing to prosperous homeowners. 
Luxury duplex apartments should have a number of amenities to be considered luxurious. Some of the amenities include:
- Arched windows and doors
- High ceilings with crown molding and recessed lighting
- Private balconies or patios
- Private swimming pools
-  Modern Gymspace


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The location of the property usually determines the luxurious features that make up a duplex apartment. The neighborhood itself adds value to the property.  A duplex apartment in a flourishing community will cost more than a regular residential area. 
The three most enriched neighborhoods in Dhaka are Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, and Bashundhara.  These places are home to the top companies, universities, and schools.  Other than that, many luxurious hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls with international brands can be found in these neighborhoods. 

How to find the perfect duplex apartment for you?

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If you are considering buying a duplex apartment in Dhaka, here are some things you should consider:
- how close it is to your workplace has to be put into consideration.
-The neighborhood should also be considered as it could affect your quality of life, as discussed above.
- The amenities included in the luxury apartment such as a swimming pool or a private gym. 
However, if you cannot find one, you can just build a duplex apartment in Dhaka by collaborating with a leading real estate property developer. This will give you the freedom to customize the apartment as you like, such as utilizing a space differently than others, like building a home theatre, a library, or even a home office; the choice is yours. 
If you are into fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but do not have the energy to go out again to the gym, having an apartment with Gym help save time. The swimming pool is another amenity that is becoming quite common among the luxury apartments in Dhaka.  Having a luxury apartment with a swimming pool has become an affluent’s dream now

The answer is in you. 

Knowing yourself and what makes you comfortable is the first thing to consider before making a lifelong decision. If you are one of those who like the freedom to move around in your home, having adequate space, have a family who wants privacy and their personal choices, then you can consider a duplex apartment. 

After the pandemic, people are starting to adjust to the new normal of life. They are redefining the intersection between the quality of life and luxury apartments in Dhaka. This is because, in the capital, it is very hard to find a private space with so many people crowded to make a living. Even in quiet neighborhoods, more and more people are moving to that area to have a better standard of living. Hence a duplex apartment provides adequate space and privacy for people to have an intimate relationship with family and friends. 

Finally, consulting with a luxury real estate property developer in Dhaka like Ventura, who has a rich portfolio of modern duplex apartments, condos, and luxury apartments with swimming pools, etc., can help you narrow down your choices.