June 30, 2021

An affluent's dream: Luxury apartment with swimming pool in Dhaka

Imagine floating on your back on the water at night and watching the moon in a serene atmosphere, in your own private and intimate space that transcends and epitomizes the ambiance of being in a spa. Moreover, without the restrictions of time that one usually experiences in a local swimming pool in the area.

With stunning interiors and contemporary design elements surrounding the infinity pool that is inspired by nature with a wooden base adjoining the pool, to lie down and rest while the whole day's rigours and worry trickle down from your body and you will experience the reassuring calmness and elegance that are both welcoming and accessible in your sanctuary.

If you felt relaxed reading the above then you have had a glimpse of a typical experience at the private pool at night. Imagine how it would feel during summer when you jump into the water when the weather outside is scorching and suffocating with humidity. An experience that people go on vacation for by going away from the city to a beachside resort. Why not have the same experience every day at your own home and in your privacy?

Having your private pool in your luxury apartment is a true example of a lavishness well deserved and which provides you with the right balance of simplicity and complexity where the pressures of modern life disappear into the lush surrounds of your private haven.

Benefits of having a private swimming pool in Dhaka

Dating back to the times before the 1990s when people lived in villas in rural areas spread in Bangladesh, most of the neighborhoods were surrounded by water bodies either by the major rivers crossing across the country or by smaller ponds or lakes. We all have heard stories from our parents and grandparents about how swimming was one of their prime sports activities and entertainment at that time.

As people migrated to Dhaka for better opportunities, the next generation, the millennials and the next generation completely missed out on that fun activity. Only a very few percentages of children in Dhaka know how to swim, which is one of the essential training children in other countries get during their school years. 

In Dhaka, our only chance of swimming is through a public swimming pool. Many hotels have swimming pools with good water quality standards, however, during this pandemic, even those impose risks that are normally not encountered in a private swimming pool. 

Luxury Apartments with a swimming pool in Dhaka can give the same experience that our grandparents enjoyed in their private ponds beside their bungalows. 

Below are some of the benefits of having a private pool in Dhaka. 


Having your very own private swimming pool in your luxury apartment in Dhaka gives you the peace of mind of maintaining good hygiene. 

Some people simply may not feel comfortable swimming and diving in the same water where a few dozen other people, who are entirely unfamiliar to them, also swim. While parents may not have an issue with all of this, they are frequently troubled by the fact that their children are subjected to such conditions.
Moreover, especially during this pandemic, hygiene is a very important issue that overrules all the other factors in terms of swimming in a public swimming pool. 

According to the research conducted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Division of Infectious Diseases, in which the study was conducted on pool maintenance claims that coronavirus is not waterborne and cannot be transmitted through water. However, the risk lies in the common objects surrounding the swimming pool such as the ladders, floaters etc. People, especially children may not maintain proper social distance in public pools. 

On the other hand, your private pool in your luxury apartment may not need the strong and large amount of chemicals to disinfect the water that is normally required in public pools. Hence you can enjoy it without your skin and hair having side effects from the chlorine-rich water.


A  private pool gives you complete freedom and gives you the privilege to control the water's quality and its cleanliness and gives you the freedom to customize it.

Many millennials in Dhaka are building their luxury apartments instead of buying a pre-made one so that they can customize all the aspects of their dream home including integrating private pools of various trendy designs into their homes. The pools are tailored to be heated during cold weather and also being incorporated with modern designs such as the infinity pool.

For families with children, having them in a crowded swimming pool is frequently a stressful experience for most parents, who are concerned about their children's safety. Having them contained in a lovely pool ensures that nothing will endanger them and allows you to truly enjoy your time off. 

Also, children adore the thought of having their pool in which to play, dive, and splash all day during the scorching summer in Dhaka. 


Living in a luxury apartment with a private swimming pool in Dhaka is something that will undoubtedly raise your vanity in society.   

While on vacation, many millennials witness mesmerizingly designed swimming pools in 5-star hotels and hope to replicate it at their luxury condos in Dhaka. Therefore, many homeowners around Gulshan are designing bespoke pools for their residences with the help of skilled architects and designers as they strive to create spa-style sanctuaries. 

Not only does it increase the home value of the owners but it also increases your societal value like an expensive artwork does for your home. 

Staying healthy

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is a great way to get some regular aerobic exercise. Two and a half hours of swimming each week can help to lower the risk of common illnesses that most Bangladeshi people usually suffer from after the age of 40.  

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), cardiac arrest was the leading cause of death in Bangladesh in 2020, accounting for 180,408 deaths, or 21.1 percent of the country's total 8,54,253 deaths (Source: Dhaka Tribune

People with heart problems will therefore benefit from having a private swimming pool where they can swim at whichever time is suitable for them and in their privacy. This is also a great opportunity for people with diabetes.

According to a study from the International Diabetes Federation(IDF), the number of diabetic patients in Bangladesh has reached 8.3 million, providing a significant concern to the health sector (Source: Dhaka Tribune).

Many people also claim that they prefer water-based exercise to land-based exercise. Through water-based exercises, they can work out for longer periods without exerting additional effort or causing joint or muscle pain. 

There are plenty of more advantages of swimming which in turn enjoins with the benefit of having a private pool in your high-end apartment. In addition to that, apartments with a gym in Dhaka are also becoming popular due to the pandemic among the upper-class society around Gulshan, Banani and Dhanmondi. 

These opportunities to have physical activities at home prevent the risk of being infected no matter how much social distance is claimed to be maintained at the public gym or swimming pool. Realistically we all know how difficult it is to maintain the required social distance in Dhaka.

Now that we know all the perks of having a private swimming pool in Dhaka, it is time to understand how to incorporate the private pool into your next luxurious apartment in Dhaka.

Incorporating a private swimming pool in a luxury apartment in Dhaka

A private swimming pool plays a huge role in redefining the intersection between the quality of life and luxury apartment in Dhaka. From having mental peace of mind to accessing indoor and private physical exercise on the water, private pools improve the way of life tremendously. 

Leading Real Estate Property Developers in Dhaka such as Ventura have a deluxe collection of luxury apartments to choose from that comes with a private pool. 

Many homeowners also want to custom-build their apartments to integrate a designer swimming pool that would enhance the opulence of their haven. In that case, what style of the pool would suit them depends on the following factors: 

Priorities in lifestyle

A luxury house requires a luxurious pool. Your pool should be constructed to meet your lifestyle, so think about what you want to get out of your pool design. Is it to make your early morning workout and yoga more appealing? To provide your children with a place to play? Perhaps it's merely to establish a space for reading your favorite book by the pool?
Many families in Dhaka prefer a pool alongside their outdoor garden that entails a touch of nature in their home. 

Integrating Technology into the Pool

The advancement of technology in every area of life has also created many aspects in the swimming pool business and ensured new possibilities. 

Starting from automated pool covers to ambient lighting and filtration, such modern technologies have made it easier to maintain a swimming pool now than ever.

Private Pool Upkeep at its finest 

UV water filtration and ozone oxidation are two innovative technologies that are revolutionizing pool maintenance. The UV water purification system cleans out bacteria, while the ozone system kills microorganisms and destroys inorganic debris. These systems can be used alone, but they work better together.

The above two systems help reduce the use of strong chemicals and hence delivers safer sanitation.

Technology is also used in custom-designed in-floor cleaning systems to help with sustenance. Small jets installed in the pool's bottom and sides create currents that drive residues into a drain, which then feeds it into a collection canister. Homeowners may eliminate a considerable percentage of the waste from the pool by simply emptying the canister, reducing the need for more time-consuming cleaning procedures.

Modern Lighting

Pool lighting has also evolved in recent years. LED lighting, both inside and outside the pool, is a growing trend because it is brighter, smaller, and has more colour possibilities than traditional incandescent lighting.

These LED lightings can be connected and controlled from mobile devices remotely. Other features such as sound systems can also be incorporated and hence controlled from devices.

Beyond infinity

For many, the infinity pool has been the epitome of luxury and grandeur, but it has just received a renovation recently by modern designers by constructing the infinity edge wall totally of glass so that you can see into the water as well.

This new design can give a whole new outlook to your new luxury apartment in Dhaka making it a symbol of great architecture and with the help of prominent real estate property builders in Dhaka

Shapes of pool

Many modern homes are built on narrow lots, which makes constructing a pool and outside living space difficult. However, working with a professional and skilled architect can help to come with a contemporary style that fits perfectly with the lavishness of your home.

Final Words

Ventura, one of the top luxury real estate property builders of Dhaka is constantly attempting to add or include a feature or facility that boosts the luxury quotient of the city and works as a differentiator. A private pool in each property on each floor appears to have piqued the interest of high-end clients in modern times with the pandemic in place. 

Ventura North Star is one such building in which the architects and developers are attempting to adapt typical outdoor spaces found in single-family luxury apartments into elegant residential high-rises. Balconies have grown in size, and pools are now being installed in apartments. Advances in engineering and design, as well as lightweight materials and waterproofing technology, have given Ventura the confidence to include pools in a few levels in the apartment.